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❧ Zombie macbook decal ❧

7 EUR 4.50 EUR
Fun and cute zombie vinyl decal for your macbook laptop.

Jimmie needs a rest. Jimmie needs to sleep. Jimmie’s got baggy eyes and can barely stand on his own feet. What’s up with Jimmie Kaputt? Why is he looking so pale?

You better hide, you better run, cause Jimmie hasn’t eaten anything since noon.
His favorite thing, you can take a guess, eating rotten apples while playing chess.
Timothy's green, he lives in his ear, say hi to the worm, he's happy you're near!

Designed with extra love, Jimmie Kaputt and Timothy the worm will surely scare anyone who is scared of zombie apples.

You’re not getting just a sticker, you’re getting Jimmie Kaputt and Timothy, a homemade sticker with its own history, created, designed and illustrated with much love and attention in Barcelona by Viu.

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Apple Size:
Average MacBook apple is 4,6 x 3,7 cm - 4,7 x 3,8 cm (to fit another size, please contact us before placing any order)
Finish: Matte.
Color: Black.

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