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❧ Gentleman macbook decal ❧

7 EUR 4.50 EUR
Fun and cute gentleman vinyl decal for your macbook laptop.

Of manners and how to be a gentleman, Charles O’clock knows quite much, sweet and dandy with a British accent, what a charming man, Charles is! Will you please join him to his tea party at 5 this afternoon?

Designed with extra love, you have an appointment with Charles O’clock, tea and interesting conversations are guaranteed!

You’re not getting just a sticker, you’re getting Charles O'clock, a homemade sticker with its own history, created, designed and illustrated with much love and attention in Barcelona by Viu.

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Apple Size:
Average MacBook apple is 4,6 x 3,7 cm - 4,7 x 3,8 cm (to fit another size, please contact us before placing any order)
Finish: Matte.
Color: Black.

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