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❧ Pirate macbook decal ❧

7 EUR 4.50 EUR
Fun and cute pirate vinyl decal for your macbook laptop.

Here's the bravest pirate who's ever sailed the seas. Discoverer of new lands and hidden treasures, he lost his leg and hand when fighting the Kraken and he also lost all his teeth but one from eating way too many candies.

Designed with extra love, Captain Onetooth will keep you company while sailing the net.

You’re not getting just a sticker, you’re getting Captain Onetooth, a homemade sticker with its own history, created, designed and illustrated with much love and attention in Barcelona by Viu.

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Apple Size:
Average MacBook apple is 4,6 x 3,7 cm - 4,7 x 3,8 cm (to fit another size, please contact us before placing any order)
Finish: Matte.
Color: Black.

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