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❧ Strong man macbook decal ❧

7 EUR 4.50 EUR
Fun and cute circus strong man vinyl decal for your macbook laptop.

Mighty Harry is just as famous in the world of circuses, as the Potter is in the Wizard World.

This lad has the ability to rise anything he wants with his strong arms… Give him a weight, he’ll lift it; give him a car, he’ll lift it; give him an elephant, he’ll lift it!! He can even lift them with just one finger! THAT’s how strong Harry is! Wow.

Designed with extra love, get this nice moustache in your laptop, strength and bent press demonstrations every weekend!

You’re not getting just a sticker, you’re getting Mighty Harry, a homemade sticker with its own history, created, designed and illustrated with much love and attention in Barcelona by Viu.

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Apple Size:
Average MacBook apple is 4,6 x 3,7 cm - 4,7 x 3,8 cm (to fit another size, please contact us before placing any order)
Finish: Matte.
Color: Black.

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