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Rocket Decals are original decorative decals for macbook laptops, PCs, walls, windows or anything sticker friendly. Designed and illustrated by VforViu in Barcelona.

This is the decals section of The House on The Moon, a shop of independent artist Viu, run in Barcelona.

Our main collection of decals for Apple macbook laptops, the What Should I Wear Today? collection, is slowly conquering the world, dressing the Apples of macbooks all over the globe. Our decals have reached places we never imagined when we first released our first decal Capt'n Onetooth!

We are very thankful for the trust and support we're constantly receiveing, so thank YOU!


Where are your decals made?
Our decals are designed and cut between two rivers, a mountain called Collserola and the Mediterranean sea, a.k.a. in sunny Barcelona, Catalonia.

Who is the designer of your decals?
Viu is the brain and maker behind the Rocket Decals.

What kind of materials do you use to make your decals?
We always use a matte, thin (about only 72 micras deep), high quality vinyl sticker for our decals. This results in a resistant and very nice looking decal.

Where can I place my new decal?
You can apply it either in interior or exterior locations.

How long will the decal last?
Depending on the surface where you apply our decals, they will last longer. Generally, our vinyls have a duration of around 3-5 years, depending on conditions such as weather, surface friction, small parts, etc.
It is always recommended that small decals exposed to friction, such as the ones stuck on cell-phones or macbooks, get some extra protection, like a case. This will lengthen its life.

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